Holsters: A Style Guide

From the folks at Wired.com, as part of a feature regarding the behaviour of highly-evolved humans:


Look, I’m a geek. It says so right up there in the title bar. But please take it from me: friends don’t let friends wear phone holsters.


  1. Reminds me if the tie I was working in the UK and one of the US staff came over to work for three months. He picked up a new ‘cell phone’ and then asked “Where can I get a belt clip? I can’t find one anywhere.” Even after explaining to him that belt clips are seriously un-cool he managed to track one down and wear his phone on his hip with pride.

  2. So what would you do when out on construction sites and you’re actually working (physical work that is), y’know, bending over digging, or wlaking, or climbing, getting in and out of vehicles etc? You put it in your pocket, it falls out all the time 🙄 . It’s gotta be accessible, but secure. With the small size of ’em these days, it’s not such a sin as it used to be I reckon.

  3. When I was in Argentina everyone used a leather holster. And in just about every kiosk you could buy em in various styles. And downtown BsAs plenty of people sold them on the side of the street… I resisted getting one for a year, thinking they were lame, but eventually I gave it a go and ya know what – it was kind of handy having the phone on my belt and not so close to my nuts.

  4. So what we really need is for someone to invent the combination cordless drill / cellphone…

  5. So does the uber-techno-hipness of an iphone sufficiently cancel out the holdster? How does one listen to an iphone with it in your pocket? does strapping the damn thing on your arm while running increase or decrease your hipster ranking – this area is so fraught with difficulties, thanks for bringing it to our attention Ben.


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