WIN: And The Nominees Are…

Reason 3: A winner is you!

I asked you why you deserve the Silicondust HDHomeRun tuner. Your reasons were numerous, but fell roughly into three camps:

  1. I’m a complete geek and I want to geek out/make stuff/play;
  2. I know nothing about HD, TV, or PC, but I want it anyway (monetary reasons I guess?);
  3. I’m incredibly deserving due to family/medical reasons. Help me!

And so to the final showdown. They’re listed below, followed by the voting form.

Feel free to drum up human support in any reasonable way (twitter, spamming friends, whatever). But please don’t multi-vote or spam-vote. You can hack the vote by clearing your cookies, but that would be lame (and detectable by me).Β  If you do happen to have a robot friend, just make sure they don’t submit too fast or I’ll exclude their votes as spam. If you want me to de-anonymise your entry, just email me or add a comment.
Voting closes 8pm this Friday, 12th June.

And the nominees are:
Reason 1:


I’ve tried retro-fitting a PC into a top loading VCR case, setting up a Mac Mini, replacing Media7 with downloading pr0n from the internet but nothing seems to get me any closer to actually being able to watch FreeView and I need me some TV before the arrival of our first child renders leaving the house impossible.


Reason 2:


Was under adjustable shelves when a 20″ TV dropped on my head, hurt like a mofo went to get ice, stood on tacks, went to sit down, stung by a bee, mates called me Frank Spencer


Reason 3:


Im recovering from donating a kidney and husband keeps fiddling and breaking things to try and get freeview, I just want to watch the friggen tv, please give it to me!



  1. Reason 1
    511% of all votesReason 2
    49% of all votesReason 3
    3881% of all votesTotal Votes: 47 Started: 7th Jun, 2009

    You may want to insert a space between the votes and % !!!

    Otherwise this is a sure thing for WTF πŸ™‚

  2. Please vote for Reason One so mummy and I can indulge in daytime TV during those long days of feeding, crying and changing nappies.
    Vote Reason One. Vote for Pedro’s Dad!

  3. Ohh you are naming a girl Pedro ? :O

    Surely I have some Karma points after going through surgery to donate a kidney? its bad enough that we had sky canceled to save money to travel to auckland for it (legally not allowed to be paid to donate kidney) πŸ™

  4. Liz, the prize will allow you to watch Freeview on a computer. Is that what you want? If you “just want to watch the friggen tv” you don’t need this.

  5. Watch the friggen TV … not necessarily on the TV, but my laptop will suffice whilst husband decides to ‘rewire’ the TV Cabinet πŸ™‚

  6. @Liz it will at least make her think of getting a new one instead of the one she has had for over 19 years which the kids have begged her to get rid of πŸ™‚ vote Reason 2

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