Vodafone HTC Magic Launch Party

Myself, a couple of lucky others, and a good sized rent-a-crowd had a party last night to celebrate the launch of the HTC Magic on Vodafone’s network. With much lubrication and libation, inhibitions were shed and fun was had.

I’m actually kinda sad that I wasn’t a big fan of New Zealand’s Next Top Model, because a couple of others seemed to have so much fun with a guy called Colin.

[Photos redacted to protect the innocent]
Well, after thinking about this, I’ve made the following post with original photos and some commentary on the whole mess.


  1. It was an excellent night! is that all the pics you got though? Wheres the other celebs? I got told there were heaps (but i dunno who they are)

  2. Looks dumb. You’ve been swayed by the conglomorates. How can we trust your reviews when you attend bullshit makeup parties like this.

    Instead of sipping wine with NZ’s next B-grade stars you could’ve told us that the phone would be realease today fool.

    – Rob

  3. Yep I’m a complete corporate whore Rob. Don’t trust my opinions, I only give good reviews to people that pay me at least $500 worth of tickets or gear.

    Got anything you want reviewed?


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