Panasonic LX3 [High-End Compact Cameras Part 2]

Panasonic LX3I don’t know where to go with this. Every other review I read tells me that the LX3 is superior in most aspects to the Canon G10. It’s smaller and lighter (265g vs the chunky 390g G10), shoots wider (24mm vs 28), and has a faster lens (f2.0 vs f2.8).

The LX3 does low-light a bit better than the G10, because of both the f2.0 lens and the lower pixel count. They’re relatively on-par at base ISO, but if you do have to push the ISO up higher to capture the right shot, you’re better off with the LX3.

The LX3 is also absolutely gorgeous to look at – it puts me in mind of the old rangefinder cameras, and even has an optional leather case that really looks the part. It’s spoiled a bit by the protruding lens when you turn it on, but nothing horrific. The flash tucks away tidily when not in use, and also won’t turn on automatically when you have it closed. This is a Good Thing when you want to grab nice low-light images without the flash.

Despite all this, I just enjoyed the G10 more. There’s nothing that the G10 does that the LX3 can’t do: ISO, manual controls, exposure compensation. The difference is that the G10’s controls – the individual dials on top and the scrollwheel – make it so much easier to access those settings. It makes me want to take different photos, whereas with the LX3 I was tempted to leave it in auto mode. Who knows, maybe the LX3 takes better shots on auto, but it just feels like I have more invested in producing photos from the G10.

Short and sweet, but that’s about it. If you’re a stickler for photo quality over resolution, go study the charts at and make up your mind. If you want to have fun and a bit of knob twiddling, go the G10.


  1. Thanks – this was very helpful – I’ve been doing online comparisons over the last week and this was good because it went past the specs to the user experience.

  2. My pleaure. My feeling is that there are dedicated sites out there that can do the stats much better than me, but they tend to lose the ‘feel’ of the camera in all the numbers.

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