Ben’s New Zealand Twitter List

Twitter. You might have heard of it. Champion of Iranian democracy, connector of people, and font of all thing pointless and inane. Herein I present my list of New Zealand twitterers that you may or may not have an interest in following.

  • Not just any Morgan, @themorgan. Recently anointed as the most modest twitterer in New Zealand, Morgan is irreverent, immodest, and irascible (if rubbed the wrong way). His LOLs-per-tweet ratio is excellent.
  • I like to think of @sponno as the Dad of the Auckland internet community. Not that he’s (just?) an old man who wears walk shorts and socks with sandals, but more that he keeps us all in check, and makes us take a long, hard look at ourselves at Meetup and Web09.
  • Don’t follow @rgoodchild if you have a delicate sensibility. She’ll flirt with you just for practise, and tell you all about a love life (yours, hers, anybodies!) at the slightest prompting.
  • Sometime voice of @vodafonenz, @paulbrislen still manages to maintain his personality inside of the corporate PR black hole. I congratulate him for that.
  • A bit of an inspiration for me personally, @freitasm is the guy behind the biggest tech site in New Zealand, Geekzone. He’s connected like a freaking anchor chain, with ears in the most amazing places. It’s not unusual to get serious inside tech dirt popping up on the Geekzone forums before anywhere else.
  • When is an adman not an adman? When he’s @gredge, my bigger, and infinitely prettier, brother. At the time of writing, he’s in bloody Cannes (yes, sur le Med), judging Electronic Safaris or some shit.
  • @bernardchickey is not, despite his name, a guy who tweets about chickens. He’s New Zealand’s pre-eminent financial blogger, and not afraid to speak his mind.
  • Apparently you have to have @matthewbuchanan in one of these lists in order for it to be cool. Or something.
  • If New Zealand had iPhone royalty, you’d have to include @Avon (NZ’s friendliest iPhone dev), @majicDave, and @polarbearfarm.
  • Oh and me of couse!

If I’ve missed you out, it’s because I hate you. Judges decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into. Unless you want to plead your case in the comments below.

[Inspired by Blues Park and Ideology]

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  1. @themorgan is so awse. Every time I think about him, I get a warm happy feeling, like fairies are dancing around my penis. Wait, I don’t have a penis. Oh, that’s the @themorgan effect!

  2. Of course there is that @oo00_Mr_K_00oo with the undisputed coolest of twitter names that according to @craigboxall and @kerihenare is like a 300% waste of characters in a twitter name – still he tweets, he’s a kiwi and .. oh crap it’s me .. what can I say?

  3. Hahe I loved your post. I particularly love the bit at the end: “If you’re not on here I hate you”. Say it like it is why don’t ya! Ok but now you can’t hate me any more because I’m @marklincoln (so if this comment appears on your post I sort-of make it to the list right?) 😉

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