Twitter SMS Updates Coming to NZ

twitter_logo Back in the good old days, Twitter would send reply and direct message updates via SMS to my mobile phone. The service was cancelled last year due to escalating costs.

Well, according to Paul Brislen, the man behind Vodafone NZ’s official twitter account, New Zealand will soon join the exclusive club of countries that will get the SMS update service switched back on:


@vodafoneNZ so can you confirm that Twitter will send updates to NZ mobiles? Thought they only covered US?

@nzben not any more. Uk and soon NZ.


This is great news, especially in New Zealand where mobile data charges can really hurt you if you want to check on Twitter replies while on the road.

Upate: Telecom has got in on the act too. I’m trying to confirm if this is just a piggy-back based on shared SMS across both networks:


We have partnered with Twitter to bring you Twitter to your Mobile via TXT msg from May 29!


Full press release follows:


Get Tweeting with Vodafone

Vodafone New Zealand has signed an agreement with Twitter allowing customers to send updates to and receive TXT notifications from the ever popular messaging network used to share and discover what’s happening – right now. Only Vodafone customers are able to use this service in New Zealand.

Vodafone customers will be able to receive TXT messages from people they choose to follow via TXT on Twitter and send messages to a short code (TWTR/8987) for their “tweets”, @replies, or to follow someone on the go.

Best of all, regular TXT charges will apply to customers sending tweets via TXT and all TXT message updates sent from Twitter will be free of charge.

“Twitter lends itself neatly to our SMS service, but more importantly this is a great way for our Customers to use their mobiles to stay connected with their on-line community,” says Charlie Clementson, Vodafone New Zealand Head of Media & Entertainment.

When receiving a text message from Twitter with a URL, customers will be able to click on the link and access the publicised webpage directly from their mobiles.

“Mobile TXTing extends the power of Twitter’s real-time network in a simple but significant way,” says Kevin Thau Director of Mobile Business Development at Twitter. “Twitter is the messaging network you didn’t know you needed until you experience it over SMS.”

The new service is easy to use on any mobile device and offers fast mobile access to one of the most popular social networks in the world.

The service will launch in the coming weeks.



  1. Yes caught this on NZ Herald, very pleased with this news. Although I am sure my subscribers won’t be!

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