Orcon Fails at Customer Service

Correction and Retraction: The billing is correct, but no less ugly. Turns out Orcon bills usage in arrears, and account services in advance. So this month I get to pay for both my overage from last month plus my data bundle for next month.

The overall result is a bill $50 higher than I expected. Not small change.I would really have appreciated it if Orcon had made this clear when they gave me an email ultimatum at the same time as increasing the data charges.

Original post in entirety:

When my ISP (Orcon) informed me that data overage charges on their Orcon+ network (where Orcon use their own hardware), would double to $2 per GB, I was rather upset. The only things that stopped me jumping ship were

  • The $2 per GB basically brings Orcon into line with the other unbundled providers; and
  • They offered a 50GB pack for $50 – basically locking in at the old price, even though I don’t always use that much data.

So you can imagine my dismay when my bill arrived this morning, looking like this:

Data Limit: 25GB
Usage: 69GB
Charge for 50GB pack: $50
Charge for 34GB of overage: $34

And I’m not the only one. The thing that pisses me off the most, is that Orcon knew that a whole heap of customers would take up their data bundle offer. They knew that a lot of accounts would need to be treated differently regarding overage in the billing cycle.

But they still fucked it up.

I can understand honest mistakes and occasional bugs, but this is totally unacceptable and smacks of lazy, incompetent customer service practices.  I’m looking into other providers

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  1. I agree that’s pretty stupid mistake to make, and they need to fix it asap. However, this does feel a bit like grabbing the pitchforks on Monday morning, the times I’ve dealt with Orcon they’ve been extremely helpful, much better than my previous providers (Telstra, Vodafone, Slingshot) so I’d wait to see how they handle this.

    That said, this might not be the first time they’ve mucked you round, so in that case, yeah, do look around.

  2. First time or not, if it were you and you’d just announced a major price increase, would you not be incredibly careful to get your next billing cycle right?

  3. @Ben

    Oh I completely agree with you there, it’s a basic mistake, and the worst thing to do is to piss off customers after a price hike. Was just pointing out that depending on how they handle the situation it might be a bit early to be grabbing the pitchforks, especially on Monday morning!

  4. Hi Ben,

    Totally understand your frustration, and as I said in my email I can understand your confusion. We have definitely taken on board the message that our invoices need to be easier to read and make sense of.

    I hope that our email correspondence has cleared things up, and that you understand what the different charges apply for.

    Please feel free to get in touch with me in future if you do have any more feedback.

    Duncan Blair
    Head of Brand and Communications

  5. got a mail from orcon stating my account is in arrears and am requred to pay or be disabled from service..

    I,ve been payng my account every two weeks without fail since 2006. and checked my last bill seems its jumped a month ahead or they didnt record my last payment..that sucks and im calling them in the morning to ask whats with the cut off letter..

    Looks like im about to find another provider, may go back to telecom unless someone out there knows of a BETTER DEAL, orcon sucks..

  6. sorry error last name in message,,corrects i hope.. Jonathan is meant..cheers..

  7. Ben,
    That’s not the only thing their customer service fails at. I have called several times about the same problem and even though I tell them that my personal hardware is all checked out safe and sound they have always insisted that they send someone out to my house to check. I have always been told they come to the house before they check their own hardware and software (configs), and if they found what they usually find (my hardware etc is at fault) I would be charged $200.00. I suddenly didn’t trust them. That was until I got Josh for a tech on the phone he told a different story. They actually do check their own “stuff” before they come to the house (which is usually standard procedure), they just need to create a ticket first. Josh was very helpful and told the truth. If I hadn’t talked to Josh the next step for me was to cancel my hookup. I’m no longer on contract so that isn’t a problem. Oh BTW it was their issue and not mine. After I got off the phone with Josh my on-going (6 months) issue was solved within a half hour. Thanks Josh.

  8. telstra Clear is knowen to have the worst Customer Service when your terying to get hold of them, but to wait for almost 45 mins to have a call answered to be told they cant or dont know how to fix the Simple problem of a router config is a bit of a joke.
    then to be dragged through a script of meaningless Question that i have already answered and tested being in IT in the feild of switching a routering i find myself having to redo what i have already done to the conclusion, of restart the router and your PC and if that still wont work call us Back. but having said that once its all working its a good service just dont expect much if it gos wrong.

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