There are Robots Everywhere

It is de rigueur among the technorati to complain about the current lack of 21st-century technological wonderments, such as jetpacks, robots, and pill-food. Personally I can understand the lack of jetpacks and pill-food. If we had both, one?s existence would swing constantly between cold, wet terror and unfathomable gastronomic boredom.

Now robots on the other hand?

robot_300 There are robots everywhere, it?s just that we can?t hear them, and this leads us to take them for granted. Imagine life without your bread cooking robot? And how would you wake up each day without the help of your bedside temporal notification robot (unless of course you have young meatsacks to do the waking job for you). If you?re like me, you probably take advantage of your office water heating robot every day, without even a second thought.

We need more respect for the robots of today, and you can do your small part. The next time you encounter a robot, imagine it talking to you in standard sci-fi robotese:


?Good morning sir, your cooked bread is ready. Please allow me to raise it from the cooking element, and do mind your fingers! The cooked bread is still hot.?


?Ma?am, while you were asleep last night, I took the liberty of detecting which of your digital storage files had changed since our last backup. I sent those changed files to the digital storage robot you had designated for safekeeping, and have marked those files as no longer changed.?


?Sir, your clothes and towels are now dry. Aren?t you glad you chose not to hang them on the line outside? The weather station robot has informed me of the recent rainfall, and besides, the towels always come in so crunchy!?


I hope that in the near future, all domestic and commercial robots come with this as an optional (or ideally compulsory) feature. In the interim, please take time to appreciate your robot menagerie.


  1. Did you see Matt Jones at Webstock? If my badly scrawled notes and/or memory is right, he mentioned this sort of thing.

    I like this crazy future we live in.

    1. I had the impression that Matt and Bruce Sterling were talking more about things yet to be instrumented, but now you mention it… I do think our current world is very demon-haunted.

  2. Hey Dan, nice botblog yourself 🙂

    I like to imagine a visitor from Victorian England or earlier. Imagine their amazement at the level of automation that we take for granted. Would it not seem like a world full of robots and magic?

    I’d be interested to know what link you followed from Businessweek.

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