Scary Mortar Lolly Scramble

I took my five year old to the incredibly politically incorrect Military Day at MOTAT (Museum Of Transport And Technology) yesterday. The day included rides in various military vehicles, exhibits by historical re-enactment clubs, and a couple of blank-fire re-enactments complete with explosions large enough to shower us with sand and dirt. Real Boys-Own stuff.

We got to hold guns, wear Roman Legionnaire helmets, and run through a mini confidence course.

The best and most hazardous part of the day was the mortar-powered lolly scramble. The safety police were complete absent, with the single allowance being a large man yelling ?we won?t fire the mortar until the kids are at least 5 metres away from it!?

The result was stupendous. As Stu said: ?lollies on the tail end of a ballistic arc could take your f*cking eye out I swear?. Check out the initially horrified screams of the crowd, followed by nervous laughter:

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  1. Gotta keep an eye out for Motat Day this year eh! Might bring Harry along too cause he’d love it. Hmmm, might have to pack some ear protectors though.

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