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UPDATE: Here’s the video. Pretty damn funny.

Crashed RC Helicopter

Today on TVNZ Breakfast we witnessed a horrific helicopter crash. Video to follow later today, but Paul Henry’s flying skills were to blame, not the Dauphin Helicopter from the great guys at! You can also grab the RC forklift from them too – they don’t have it currently listed, but just give them a call or pop into the shop at 2 Harris Rd, Ellerslie and ask in person.

Again I’ll say that the helicopter kit comes with a simulator so you can practise your flying BEFORE you crash the chopper. If Paul hadn’t hit the studio lights he would have been fine. Also, the smoking was caused because Paul left the throttle open on the controller after he crashed. If he had cut the throttle, the chopper would have lived to fly again another day.

DSC_0005If you want something more sedate than the chopper, I can highly recommend the RC forklift. It’s incredibly easy to use, and perfect for stealing your colleague’s computer mouse at work.

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