Fun at the Air Show

Ollie, Alex and I had a blue whale of a time at the Air Show, and Ollie even got his photo on the local news website. He loved being able to sit at the controls of two or three planes, and one helicopter.OllieHeraldThe C-17 was nutty. Whether it be a huge bridge, or a flying behemoth, I?m a complete sucker for large-scale engineering. I love me a good P-51 Mustang too. The low-level 900kph fly-by always sends a chill up my spine.

I missed seeing the RAAF F-18 in person, but the view from my deck at home was brilliant. The sense of speed was neck-wrenching. Even from 20-odd kilometres away, the jet streaked across the horizon and threatened to rattle the windows from their frames. It was all the more amusing to see after the RAAF pilot confided that they brought two F-18?s across from Brisbane because ?that one sometimes doesn?t start?.

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