Google Streetview Available in New Zealand

This morning Google turned on Streetview for New Zealand. Streetview has been available in a number of cities and locations around the world, and Google have been driving the highways and byways of New Zealand with their camera cars for close on 12 months. The coverage is quite incredible.

The applications for Streetview are amazing. From finding a local cafe, to the fairly obvious realestate opportunities.

I do wonder if Trademe realised what might happen with Streetview on every listing though. Nothing dramatic, but check out this listing:

Yes, that looks like a ?sold? sign on the property, sometime within the past twelve months. Nothing that you can?t find in the property sales history, but fairly amusing anyway!

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  1. This excellent service from Google will undoubtedly challenge the last bastion of the real estate industry – that issue of providing the address of properties. We have over 80,000 homes for sale from a total portfolio of 114,000 listings on our website ( and gradually we are receiving more and more with addresses, but as of today just 50,000 have addresses, that means that there are 30,000 properties out there that the public may be interested in buying and which the real estate agents are not sharing valuable information and rich information.

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