Zindane: A 21st-Century Portrait

Regardless of how you feel about his ignominous exit from the World Cup, Zinedine Zidane is one of the greatest football players of the modern era. UIP France gathered some pretty incredible technology, including HD cameras with enormous zoom capability, and targetted parabolic microphones, and trained them all on Zidane for the duration of a Spanish La Liga match.

The result is amazing. The sound switches between the hyper-personal (Zidane’s breathing and footfalls), and the straight-up hyper-noise of the pumped up Spanish football crowd. The film also shows the contrast within the football game, with Zidane at times standing and jogging slowly, and at other times sprinting frantically for the ball.

Gizmodo links to a brief Youtube video that gives some idea of the film, although obviously not in the high quality of the original.

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