Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster

Damn it feels good to be a gangster*. Pimpin’ in the Westin Presidential Suite, completely decked out with Samsung’s latest and greatest. Two bedrooms, three bathrooms (complete with skin-thrashing high power showers), separate loung and dining, room-service Angus Eye Fillet, cocktails, the works!

After all this, you’ll wonder if I’m biased towards the Samsung equipment – unfortunately not all of it.

The Series 6 and 7 LCD TVs were gorgeous, as you’d expect from a modern, high-end LCD. The DLNA capability of the 7 series is very slick, allowing the TV to show content from a compatible PC without the need for an intemediary set-top box. The inclusion of a Freeview tuner further removes the need for any other warty appendages on your TV cabinet. If you consume primarily digital content, the LN46A750T is the TV for you.

I also loved the way the Anynet+ functionality networks the TV via HDMI with the Blu-ray players, creating a seamless experience with the remote. There’s no need to change remotes to change volume, the system just “knows” what device is in use. As mentioned in Gizmodo, the lack of LCD backlighting (common in competitors’ high-end units) is a bit of a letdown, but to be honest I didn’t notice any issues with contrast or responsiveness.

Watching some nice National Geographic Blu-ray disks on the Samsung setup was awe-inspiring. I can highly recommend the setup of the HDBD2T Blu-ray home theatre system with the 7 series LCD.

There were fridges too, and they … fridged I guess? Stuff was cold.

The Omnia phone though. Where do I start? I’m Picky McPickster when it comes to interface design, but even the most tolerant UI apologist would throw this thing on the ground after using it for 10 minutes. I’d like to blame a broken touch screen or perhaps a crippled CPU for the lack of responsiveness, but unfortunately I’m not alone. The Omnia reveals all the bad things about Windows Mobile 6.1 without offering any tangible benefits.

You can’t just put GPS, a 5MP camera, and a high-res screen in a device and call it a high-end iPhone killer. Interface matters people. Interface.

*If you don’t get the reference, this might help:

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