BlackBerry Storm Marketing Stunt

iphonestorm What?s wrong with the picture at right? Even if you have never seen the new BlackBerry Storm, you must recognize that the screenshot on the phone is plucked straight from an iPhone. A jailbroken iPhone at that.

This isn?t some random silly website. This is (at the time of writing) right up there on the Vodafone UK website, and has been for at least the last 3 hours. Further down the page there are more images showing the iPhone Safari browser running on the storm.

I have to imagine that this is intended as a publicity stunt. Either that or some disgruntled graphic artist has managed to slip one past the myriad sub-editors, proof readers and website managers to get it out there on the public site. If it is a publicity stunt, then it?s pretty damn ballsy, because you have to imagine Apple would be lawyering up pretty heavily right about now.

[via Ryan Block]

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  1. Just in case you’re not all Stormed-out, here’s a touch screen BlackBerry “news” roundup…and some details on the upcoming BlackBerry Application Center, a BlackBerry software distribution hub for the Storm meant to rival Apple’s iTunes App Store.

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