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In the spirit of Web 2.0 and user created content, I had a sudden realisation that rather than sit by myself and puzzle through some ideas, I should ask the community. That would be you fullahs.

So, let’s assume for the sake of argument that I’m going to present a tech/gadget segment on a mainstream national television show in the near future. Based on that assumption, I have a bunch of good ideas for themes, but I’d love some additional feedback and off-the-wall ideas.

Fire away in the comments, but here are some possible constraints:

  • The show is mainstream, not a dedicated tech show. This doesn’t mean it’s all toasters and coffee machines, but it does mean anything presented/reviewed has to be engaging and have a mainstream ‘hook’. Would it be of interest to your father-in-law?
  • On the flipside, if you (as a presumably highly tech-savvy blog/twitter reader), happened to be watching a mainstream TV show, I’d hope you’d be interested in the spot enough to stop and watch.
  • 5-7 minutes, so barely long enough to cover off a head-to-head in detail, or gloss over 3 or 4 options.

Current ideas/themes to start you off:

  • Hi-Def camcorder comparisons
  • Kitchen gadgets
  • Multitools/pocket knives
  • Kids learning gadgets (leapster et al)

There you have it. I would massively appreciate any and all ideas.

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  1. I guess the first question is, what have they already done?

    One thing that has become very mainstream over the last year is Guitar Hero / Rock Band. 😉

  2. Who is the audience? should ask yourself that first.

    Some ideas I would have is, what are some good blogs for non technical people, like PopSugar network, why should I skype? how can i skype? Help the users become engaged through things they already love or things that will help them.

    For example I have seen uptake on twitter as a way for a family to stay connected, skype to allow free calling to family, PopSugar to replace a weekly magazine.

  3. If you get your hands on the UK Channel 5 show called “The Gadget Show” that would give you good ideas – basically Top Gear for Gadgets all in a fun, not too geek way.

  4. Is it a gadget show or a tech. show? All your themes are gadgets.

    How about 3 minutes gadgets, 3 minutes Web 2 and 1 minute “Site of the Week”?

    Kitchen gadgets and pocket knives sounds boring. Tech. is more interesting and they seem to be very different audiences.

    And ensure that you have a podcast so people can listen if they miss it and a web site (blog) that people can go to to get a summary / all the links etc. Reading those long URL's on air sucks!

  5. Ideas: is it better to build a DVR (MythTV etc) or to splash out for MySky and what's the difference between 1080p and the other TV's for blue ray etc and how that might drive the choice of tv I buy next. Also how internet video hooks into that would also be of interest to me especially since I have a Slingbox (which you might want to review) …. just a few ideas there. Also robots??!?!?

  6. Learning/universal remotes
    Noise-cancelling headphones
    Wireless picture frames
    Polaroid Pogo (zero-ink photo printer)
    PS3 as media centre (how good is its Blu-ray, other competitors?)

    More as they come to hand… 🙂

  7. Does “gadgets” include toys?

    e.g. the latest “Game of Life” has a whizzy “gadget” (you may have seen it on TV?) that handles all the paperwork, assets, money etc.

  8. You've probably done this already but this search on Google should provide tons of inspiration:

    (best OR hot) gadgets 2008

  9. Translation of geek to English. Like explaining the _benefits_ of the feature of the gadgets, not just talking about what it has, but what it means to the user.

  10. Love the idea of asking the community – I wonder if you can get the audience to txt in or visit a page on your site to vote for the next topic?

    Really looking forward to meeting you properly and interviewing you dude (without the 5-7 minute time constraint!).

    I’ll drop you a line on Wed/Thurs – Are you hitting Amies tweetup – I think I’m going to meet and interview a lot of people there..

    Take it easy,


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