I haz success!

And yeah verily did he upgrade his 1st gen iPhone to 2.0. And it was Good.

Well, almost. Everything is working perfectly from a system perspective. 2.0 firmware is on the phone, I can make and receive calls, use the App Store, and install 3rd party apps from Cydia.

But by the gods is this thing buggy and slow. 2.0 is an abomination compared to the 1.1.4 firmware. I honestly don’t know how Apple could have released this thing. I’m not alone with the problems I’m having with massive delays in the contacts app, and there is plenty of talk about other general bugginess.

Disappointing, because the 1st Gen phone and firmware was flawless. I guess I’ve been spoilt and will have to get used to this new bugginess just like Windows Mobile 🙁

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  1. I have personally met people who can change the whole system in phones. they change everything in there, modernize the way they want it. Did you check on youtube for answer? Try there may be it will help.

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