Twitter/Brightkite: it all starts to make sense

I use these micro social networking tools because they look interesting and are somewhat fun to use. Perhaps also because I like to live on the edge. On twitter I had been conversing with the Epic Beer guys about the horrible lack of Epic Beer in West Auckland (which incidentally is mainly to do with the strange cartel-esque community licensing trust we have here).

Brightkite is a seemingly pointless location-based micro blog. I happened to be playing with it and checking in at my new work location. Next thing I know, epicbeer tweets to tell me about the great places near by to get my fix:


@nzben hey just up the road at Galbraith’s 2 Mt Eden Rd, is Epic Pale Ale on tap, and at the end of Normanby, La Barrique have it in 6 packs


Awesome. It starts to make sense. Now if only we could get the less savvy retailers onto the bandwagon…

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  1. Ben

    There is only one guy at Epic Beer and that is me. If you see me tweet from Galbraith’s come join me for an Epic Pale Ale.


  2. heh, just reading your twitter, I see you’re in contact with Glutnix. I used to read his blog webfroot about 2 years ago… I’d forgotten all about him.

    Also, that was the first time I had ever looked at Twitter :p

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