(Almost) Definite iPhone2 Pics from Crunchgear

Update: Well obviously this was fake. No front camera, no red iPhone.

The guys over at Crunchgear have what looks like the definite scoop on the iPhone2. Pictures from some marketing material showing something that looks very much like the new iPhone:

iPhone 2?

Looks damn plausible to me. Breakdown of observations:

  • Red or Black (duh!)
  • Stereo speakers on the back
  • Video calling over 3G and iChat video over wifi
  • Bevelled edges to reduce what looks like a slightly thicker profile

No definites on GPS, but Engadget has a scoop on that, plus what looks like definite info on 3G too.

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  1. Did you read the comments? A couple of interesting points were made…
    – the red phone in the picture above, doesn’t have a lock button
    – one of the pictures refers to “Windows Xp” but that should be “Windows XP”
    – and one of the other pictures uses the word “wifi” but it’s normally capitalised as “WiFi” or Wi-Fi”

    Engadget have already declared it to be fake: http://www.engadget.com/2008/06/07/loads-of-fak

    I think it looks convincing, but I’ve been fooled before….

  2. Looks like all the fakes were crushed. Not much change on the hardware except for 3G and GPS – and the black/white back.

    Surprised and a bit disappointed they didn’t improve on the camera, but I’ll still probably buy it 🙂

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