Upgraded, and back to Jaiku

Just some housekeeping:

I love being on the svn version of WordPress.  Putty to my shell account and type "svn up" is all I have to do to upgrade.

jaikuTwitter is so incredibly broken at the moment.  I can’t understand how there can be barely a murmur about it.  If GMail or Engadget or some other popular site knobbled about 50% of functionality for a week because of (apparently/arguably) bad architecture, surely they would be hauled over the coals?

Anyway, I’ve gone back to Jaiku, and I’m loving it.  Clean, functional.  Everything that Friendfeed purports to be but better.  If you want to try Jaiku, I have invites.  Leave a comment or email me.

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  1. Hey, I stumbled onto your website
    while having problems with my iphone
    I would really like to join. Im not very good with
    all the code and filesystem stuff so hopefully
    I can learn more and get help thx

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