LCD TV Selection

So I’ve been tasked with buying a Freeview box and HDTV for the in-laws this weekend. Anyone got any good suggestions for a medium-sized LCD in the $1500-$2500 range? Current thinking is to go and look at Panasonics and Sonys in that price range, and just pick the one with the nicest picture and best inputs.

Yes, I’m aware of the pitfalls regarding in-store lighting and default brightness settings, so I’ll keep my bullshit detectors on high sensitivity.


  1. medium sized HDTV is an oxymoron, I’ve got the 40″ sony X-series bravia – at this size it’s already very hard to see the difference between 720p and 1080p – this is a huge TV once you get it in your home (most people cannot believe it’s only 40″) if you’re getting anything smaller then why bother with HDTV? just make sure the TV can handle a 1080p signal though, but the pixels will be lost to the eye.

    Also you will not get a decent 1080p TV at that price point, possibly if you’re willing to drop down to 720p – but what’s the point in buying a TV that’s substandard if you’ll be stuck with it for at least 10 years? Just imagine how bad it will be then…

  2. Sorry yeah I should qualify: by HDTV I mean something above SD. So probably 720p. I don’t think they can afford a decent 1080p set.

  3. I should update my post… I went with a V Series Bravia. 32″ 720p. Also
    got a Freeview Terrestrial HD receiver.
    Not much being broadcast in HD at the moment, but the HD test channel (100)
    is fantastic 🙂

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