Silverlight on iPhone after SDK release?

Scott Guthrie, at the Mix’08 keynote, just dropped a massive hint about Silverlight on iPhone:


We’re releasing Silverlight on more and more mobile platforms. We’ll release it on anything with an SDK.


Could the man get any less subtle?

Prediction: Steve Jobs will announce the iPhone SDK, and it will be Silverlight. It makes perfect sense. Jobs has been fear-mongering about custom apps for the iPhone, saying they might cause problems with the hardware and network (which is crap). Silverlight sandboxes the developer, while at the same time letting them create rich applications. It’s a natural extension of Apple’s earlier position that Web2.0/Javascript was in fact the application platform for the iPhone.

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  1. No chance. No way Jobs would rely on external (especially MS) software for it’s SDK.

    Seriously? The SDK will be created by Apple. Period. Now THAT’s obvious.

  2. It’s pretty unlikely that Apple would rely on MS technologies – it doesn’t fall together.

    But if it does, then I shall enjoy my silverlight apps on my iPhone 🙂

  3. With Office going Silverlight, it’s not entirely out of the realms of possibility that Microsoft would go Linux. Remember when Apple releasing a Linux distribution was unlikely?

  4. Yes, I do remember when Apple releasing a Linux distribution was unlikely, mostly because it never happened.

    Using the mach kernel and some of the *BSD stack doesn’t qualify as releasing a Linux distro.

  5. Wait, are you refering to mklinux or OSX? If it’s mklinux then “Currently, developers are working on completing release 1 (R1). A preview release called Pre-R1 is available on the FTP site. A CD image is also available, and a few users have offered to burn and mail CDs to those people who do not have access to high speed Internet access for a small charge.”.

    It looks like that news was from 2002.

  6. I’m using semantics. *nix/BSD/FOSS in general.

    Either Windows, Office or both are dead, based on the moves that Google et al are making, so Microsoft is changing tack. Expect Office on Silverlight, which will run on MacOS or perhaps some Microsoft flavour of *nix.

  7. Semantics? This is the most confusing blog ever…

    What do you mean by “Silverlight” then? Does that include vector interfaces like display PDF? Therefore does the iPhone SDK use what you meant by “Silverlight”?

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