MobileScrobbler for iPhone is Incredible

If you own an unlocked iPhone, have a decent data plan, and a account, you must install MobileScrobbler.

Heck, I’d go so far as saying if you have any iPhone, unlock it, get a decent data plan and a account, and install MobileScrobbler.  It’s that good.

This app is what the default "iTunes" app on the iPhone should do.  It provides advanced information on the current track you are listening to, including artist bios, lyrics, upcoming artist events, tags, similar artists, etc.

If you’re into music sharing, you can have MobileScrobbler "scrobble" the tracks up to as you listen to them.  As an example, here’s my profile, showing the tracks I have listened to (on random shuffle most of the day).

Depending on your data plan, you can also stream music from  Using your preferences and played tracks, will create a custom playlist of similar styles and artists for you.

MobileScrobbler is well built, and completely integrated into the iPhone experience. Somehow they’ve even added a widget to the system setting screen so it seems like a system extension.

This is simply the best iPhone/iPod Touch app I have come across.

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  1. How do you get a decent data plan in NZ? I cant find one that would be suitable for this!

  2. I don’t actual listen to music via Last.FM, I just scrobble my tracks, which doesn’t use a lot of data. Even so, a 1GB $50 plan should be ok to listen to music?

  3. Oh right yeh I was just talking about the scrobbling. How much do you use a month with your iphone? Are you a heavy user? oh and 1gb is $60 😉 Still pretty damn pricey!

    Gotta be prepared for when they finally arrive!

  4. I use about 100-150 megs a month, and I’d class myself a heavy user.
    – 30min email checks,
    – probably 20 emails per day
    – an hour or two of browsing
    – Scrobbling tracks
    – occasional google maps, weather and stocks use

    I’m sure my usage would go up on a 3G iPhone, but I am quite surprised at
    how little data is used.

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