3G iPhone on Trial in New Zealand

I’ve got my hands on a 3G iPhone. I can’t say much about it, but I can say that Apple has selected Vodafone New Zealand as an exclusive partner to trial the 3G iPhone. The theory goes that New Zealand is a small, isolated market, but the Vodafone GSM network in New Zealand is very modern; so the New Zealand market is perfect for GSM beta testing.

The form factor is identical to the 2G model, with the only changes being the 3G radio and a GPS receiver. Of course the 3G iPhone is running the latest version of the 2.0 firmware, and the push email integration with my work Exchange server is working perfectly.

At the moment the GPS receiver is only working inside the standard Google Maps application, but the word is that the GPS data will be available for geotagging photos, and also accessible via the SDK when it is released.

Update: oh my god I’ve just had some guys in suits knock on my door! I hid in the wardrobe, and after they left I set up some packet sniffing on the wireless network. It looks like the GPS module in the iPhone is phoning home to Cupertino with my location details. I have no idea if this is just in the trial models or not. Sh1t!

Photos after the jump:

3G iPhone

3G iPhone

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  1. Could this post possibly be any more lame?

    AKA When the socially challenged attack.

  2. you idiot. shouldve done your homework before posting this anyway. your not even in keeping with leaked chipset info. you jackass

  3. This was an extremely good April fools. I bet you would’nt have guess that ALL the things you listed have actually come about. (New Zealand release, the fact that there is GPS, the fact that there is a 3g model arriving, also that Vodafone will be the carrier). Very very good guessing skills

  4. Ben,

    Do we know if the 3G will use the standard cim card technology? Vodafone in NZ is saying only contract plans but AU has said they will do prepay. As I don’t need the plan features (only regular voice and texting) and will use WiFi for web access, I was thinking, buy the prepay in AU, bring it over here, and sign it up.

    Any comments?


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