More XPERIA Products Coming from Sony

X1_Slider-with-KeyboardAccording to a PR contact at Sony Ericsson, the XPERIA brand, as unveiled with the new X1 phone, is a taste of things to come:


The trend towards device convergence has been on-going for some time within the mobile communications industry.  Sony Ericsson has pioneered the combination of devices such as a good quality camera or high quality digital music player with a mobile phone, without compromising the capability of individual functions.  Now, we see a clear demand from high-end users who wish to combine a number of different capabilities into a single device – the best of all worlds.  The new XPERIA line of products, of which the first is the X1, will target these users directly.


Additional, Sony has re-iterated that the foray into Windows Mobile is not at the expense of the Symbian OS (as seen in the P series of phones, and the new G700 and G900).

The XPERIA X1 will be available to New Zealand consumers in "late 2008".

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