Is Silverlight Apple’s Way Into the Enterprise?

Steve Gillmor just added a ripper of a post over at GestureLab.? Building on the changing of the guard at Microsoft, he goes on to postulate about the future of Office as a Silverlight application.

It all makes sense:? Microsoft needs to push Silverlight as far and wide as possible to beat Flash,? and they have no interest whatsoever in the plight of Dell vs HP vs Apple vs Joe OEM:


If Entourage and the rest of Office were to move to a Silverlight platform, the iPhone, Air, iMac devices would be the Rolls Royces of computing devices in the enterprise. The Intel Trojan horse that Jobs has so strategically exploited will complete the takeover of the PC from within, particularly if iPhone 2.0 includes Intel chips. It’s hardware plus services, something the new guard at Microsoft can live and prosper with.


If Microsoft goes far enough to push Silverlight as the ‘new’ Windows API, all their Vista problems go away.

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