De-clutter Step One

Inspired by some before-and-after declutter photos (and Gretchen), I decided to have a go at the shared study.  It was a daunting task:


Basically months of clutter, bills, projects, toys, whatever.  I chucked a sackfull of crap out, and sorted through the games, CDs, and other miscellany.  Ended up with a box for the basement (computer parts that will one day become a media PC), a box for the thrift shop (unused games and toys), and a sack full of rubbish.

The result:


The shelves aren’t spectacular, but it is a huge leap forward, and a real brain-cleaner.  I shifted the PC off the floor because it was dusty as all heck.  The upside is that it provides a nice little shelf for the gadgets that go with the computer (Zune, camera, GPS, headset).

Next step is to swing the camera around 180 degrees and deal with the boy’s craft area.  Next week maybe!

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