Super Mario Galaxy

SMG Is it possible to call oneself a gamer having never clocked a single Mario game? I can recall picking up many Mario games in the past, but quickly losing enthusiasm.

Super Mario Galaxy seems different. Time will tell, but so far (after several hours of play), it is turning out to be an absolutely stunning game.  The combination of the inimitable Mario style, the crazy-yet-intuitive gravity system, and incredible level design make for a completely new style of game.  Yes it’s a platform game, but not as you know it.  On one level you might be doing the standard jump’n’spin on boxes, but then you’ll find yourself playing Wipeout… 

…on a track of suspended water…

…riding on a stingray. 

I couldn’t suppress my wide grin as I discovered more and more play modes.  I flew off to the “Rolling Green” galaxy, presuming it to be a nice walk in the grass.  Seconds later I’m holding the Wiimote like a joystick, balancing Mario on a shiny ball and rolling around some zany Mario cross between mini golf and marble madness.  Back in the “Space Junk” galaxy I’m forced to defeat a comically evil spider by sticking Mario to the spider’s elastic web and using the Wiimote to pull on the web and fire Mario off like a slingshot.  And I haven’t even mentioned flying a bee-suited Mario around the Honeybee galaxy.

Then there are the tiny touches.  Like the way Mario flies between galaxies and planets like a cartoonish tie-fighter.  Or the hungry Lumas: feed them enough star bits and they’ll swell up and explode into a new bonus galaxy or sling star.  And I love the tranquil Comet Observatory, your place of quite tangible respite between galaxies.

Great game.  I have absolutely no idea when Nintendo will deign to release it officially to those of us in the Third World (aka PAL territories), but there are other ways to get your fix.


  1. Sounds like it’d be worth buying…trying to resist a Wii purchase for Xmas. Hopefully nearer Xmas there’ll be some bundling action going on…

  2. This is such a great game. I completely agree with you…my favourite part is the adorable Lumas and how they explode. I discovered this game in a game shop at the mall and we bought it then and there.
    Since then we’ve been completely hooked.
    Love this game!

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