More Housemodding

Angle_Grinder I got my man on again this weekend, and not just because I am sporting a glorious handlebar moustache courtesy of Movember.

Successful results:

  • The wobbly mixer tap is not wobbly anymore, now that the big brass retention washer has been modified and no longer jams against the edge of the underside of the bench.  Of course the location of said washer required removing almost every piece of waste plumbing under the sink, including the garbage disposal.
  • New garbage disposal unit installed.  The old one was dodgy, sometimes not starting properly and often jamming.  It got ousted the minute I realised that I couldn’t easily get a replacement waste pipe gasket, and the old one started leaking everywhere when I tried to reassemble the plumbing after fixing the tap.

List of tools used:

  • Brand new bench vise, to hold the washer while I modified it.
  • Power drill, used to drill holes to mount bench vise.
  • Hammer, used to nail a second piece of wood to my workbench because I couldn’t find short enough bolts to mount the vise.
  • Angle grinder, used to take about 4mm off one side of a big brass washer.
  • Hacksaw, used to shorten the bolts on the mixer tap.
  • Diverse spanners, used to disassemble plumbing.

All in all a successful half-day of housemodding.  Always rewarding.

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