Wii Remote Jacket: My Saga

nintendo-wii-grip-thumb I haven’t had any issues at all with my Wiimotes.? I’ve never broken a strap, nor smashed up my TV or anything.? Still, when Nintendo broke out the offer of a free, stupid looking, soft, padded “jacket” for the Wii remote, I decided to take them up on it.? Free stuff always gets me.? I did wonder if the offer extended all the way to New Zealand, so was mildly surprised when I saw the blue glow of a message on my Wii, which directed me to nintendo.com.au, and in turn an Australian phone number to call.

I made the call yesterday. Was on hold to Aussie for 10 minutes, then pretty much had to spell out my complete name and address because of a combination of a bad line and my kiwi accent.

No, Ben. B. E. N.
B. E. M?
No! Bravo Echo November.

You get the idea…

Anyway, the nice Australian lady told me that jackets will be shipped after the 9th of October, so I’m guessing quite a while after that if they are sending a batch to the NZ distributor (Softprint) who will then on-ship them.

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