Scored a Zune


I’ve been searching for a higher capacity media player for a while now.? My budget is constrained by mortgage? and family, so I haven’t gone down the new iPod route, and have been living with my 2GB iriver Clix for some time.? The problem with a 2GB player and a 13GB music library is pretty obvious.

With Microsoft releasing a new version of their Zune player in November, it appears they are dumping new and refurbished version 1 devices all over the place.? I picked up a 30GB Zune for $99 on Thanks to the wonders of having siblings in the USA, it should get to me some time in the next couple of weeks.

I’m yet to see how well it works in non-America land, because it certainly seems very heavily aimed at the USA market.? The software installed fine, but the Zune Marketplace demands a US credit card.? I’m not bothered by this given the current proliferation of DRM-free music vendors.

The other nice thing about the Zune is that the V1 will get all the features of the V2 device via? a firmware update in November.

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