Google Maps Mobile Now Support GPS

Finally!? The latest version of Google Maps Mobile for Symbian devices (Nokia N- and E-series) supports integrated and Bluetooth GPS.? This is a huge plus for me because I have an E70 and a Bluetooth GPS unit that I’ve been wanting to make use of the combo for some time.? Up until now there has been no satisfactory option that included New Zealand coverage.

I intend to try the setup as soon as I get hold of my GPS unit.? Stay tuned for updates.

Update:? This works very nicely.? On my E70 it uses the configuration I already had set up for the Bluetooth GPS device.? When I selected “show my position”, Google Maps instantly started connecting to the GPS device, and? used a very simple status message (e.g. “Searching for satellites (3)”).? Once connected, a little blue flashing dot showed my location on the map.

One small gripe: when using Google Maps in routing mode, the route is not automatically progressed as the GPS location moves.? You still have to hit “3” to move to the next turn on the route.


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