Google acquires Jaiku. Who’s cool now?

jaikulogo In a somewhat unexpected move, Google has purchased Jaiku, one of the myriad online messaging/presence/mobile applications.? I imagine all the Twitter cool kids are wondering why they were left out.? As a long-time Jaiku user, I can say that I find the Jaiku paradigm and interface infinitely more useful than Twitter.? Jaiku provides some very nice functionality for aggregating feeds, and has an incredibly slick Nokia phone interface.? So much so that I wonder why Nokia didn’t do the deed.

I can understand why Google is interested though.? Jaiku combines the social networking aspect of something like Facebook with a completely open API and full Jabber/IM/mobile integration.? Jaiku is perfect for the GPhone.

Anyway, if you haven’t joined Jaiku yet then I highly recommend it.? You’ll need to apply for an invite, or of course an existing member can invite you.? My Jaiku handle is beng.

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