Windows Update deletes data and resets computers

iphone A recently released update to Windows XP will detect any changes to system libraries, and if ‘hacks’ are detected it will erase all user data and preferences on the system and return Windows to its default install state.? For example, if you have modified the uxtheme.dll library to allow 3rd-party desktop themes, the latest Windows Update will revert this change, and completely restore your Windows installation to its default state.

Imagine for a second if the above paragraph were true.? How widespread and vociferous would the outrage be?

Yet this is exactly what Apple has just done.? Owners of legally purchased iPhones who have modified their own phones for legitimate reasons will at the very best lose the ability to use the iPhone as intended, and at worst have the iPhone irreparably damaged by the latest update.

Gizmodo has two fantastic posts on this.? The first explains exactly why Apple did not need to break the activation/unlock process, and have actually probably gone out of their way to do so.? The second itemises the results of updating an unlocked iPhone to the new firmware.? If you read nothing else, read that first post, and ruminate on it.? Think: Apple could have released an update that made no change to the “seczone” code, so why did they bother to do this?

In summary: Apple have gone out of their way to inconvenience? unlocked iPhone users, and in fact may very well have inconvenienced completely innocent iPhone users in the process.

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