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moshbig Nokia wants you to get all hot and sweaty in their Mosh pit.? MOSH (which apparently stands for mobilize and share) is Nokia’s new multimedia mashup site.? MOSH consist of? a social networking website for sharing images, videos and other files; and a client application on your phone.? However, if you’re thinking of an integrated application like Shozu or Vox, think again.

The MOSH client is pretty strange.? It runs like an application on your phone, but it only has five buttons, all of which take you straight into your phone’s browser to the cut-down MOSH site.? For example, click ‘Upload’ in the MOSH client, and you’re taken to an upload webpage, where you can select a file and upload it.? No previews are available for the files you upload, so picking a picture to upload can be hit-and-miss.? You’ll have to run the gallery/album app on your phone, find the filename you want to upload, then go into MOSH and upload it.

Compare this to Shozu, where you can be prompted to upload an image to Flickr as soon as the image is captured on your phone.? This makes for a much more interactive experience and makes it more likely for people to actually upload images.? Uploading in MOSH was just a pain, with more emphasis placed on the fact that my image would be virus scanned than anything else.

Add to all of this the fact that the MOSH site is very beta, and Nokia has their work cut out for them.? I experience weird font resizing, AJAX updates placing content out to the right of the page, access denied after uploading a photo (I presume it was being virus scanned, but nothing told me that), and other strangeness.

With plenty of social networking sites our there for sharing images (Flickr, Facebook) and video (YouTube, etc), I can’t really see the point of MOSH.? Good luck Nokia, but I think this entry is too late in the game and not unique enough to make an impact.

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  1. Ah but wait Ben, all Nokia need to do is start shipping the client so it’s on their phones out of the box and they instantly have a potential audience of millions of people in a couple of days…

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