iPhones for New Zealand: iPhone Unlocked

I think I might stick to my Nokia E70, but if you want an iPhone in New Zealand, then you are now in luck.? The iPhone has been freed of its evil AT&T bonds via a software hack, and should run fine on Vodafone’s GSM network in New Zealand.

Engadget has the full rundown, including a demonstration video.

It will be interesting to see how this one plays out.? Will Apple issue a patch to nullify the hack, or will they shrug their shoulders?? iPhone sales should get a nice healthy bump from the new found freedom, but I doubt AT&T will be happy with the situation.

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  1. This sure will be interesting. One thing to note is that Vodafone NZ doesn’t support EDGE and GPRS wireless data is really expensive.

    Also, may I ask where you found a Nokia E70 in New Zealand? I’ve been in the market for a new phone for a while and I looked around a bit for the Nokia E70 to no avail.

  2. Peppery, try Pricespy.co.nz. They’re listing 3 suppliers with prices for E70s. No idea if they have stock.

    I got mine from Parallel Imported about a year ago now. I’m really wondering if Nokia are going to release a new version, or are banking on the E90 taking over the same space.

  3. I did look there. I called XP Computers a while ago and they said that they didn’t have any and wouldn’t be getting any more. I’d also rather not order online and Birkenhead is a bit too far away :p

  4. Vodafone NZ have UTMS 3G but yeah it ain’t cheap and the service is pretty sub-standard imho. Despite the fact UTMS promises fast connection times for data Vodafone’s mobile data network still takes 3-4 seconds to form a data connection in my experience which is rather poor.

    Mind you the iPhone doesn’t really grab me, I’ve used a lot of smartphones with large screens in the past and frankly find them a hassle. They simply don’t work as phones without some kind of hands-free kit. Otherwise you’re mashing a delicate touch screen up against the greasy side of your head regularly…

  5. Heyup. I wouldn’t do this unless I knew you lot, because it’d sound too much like astroturfing, but… we had an iPhone in the office last week (Daryl’s, brought back from Cupertino) and It. Is. Sensational. It really, truly is as lovely as it’s reported to be. Seriously. Size, weight, unscratchability, speed, stability, interface… and the touching thing has to be touched to be believed. It is so oddly intuitive, in terms of pressure, contact point(s) and movement, but best of all it’s a technology on top of a GUI with the basics done just right. Anyone who picked it up at any stage used it easily and loved it.

    For comparison Liuh Shyuan brought her new HTC Touch and oh my GOD it was SOOOO embarrassing. You have to DRAG your finger across the screen. It’s a rub-screen or a wipe-screen phone, not a touch-screen. Sometimes. When it works. When you sort of get it right. And once out of the “flow” bit (by accident) it’s just a shitty, too small, hideous-GUI windows phone. And not one of the twelve technophiles in the office could find their way back to the “flow” interface unaided, and even then couldn’t repeat it unaided.

    It was like vintage champagne vs flat homebrew.

    Of course, not having CDMA or 3G or a decent camera is a bit lame tho.

  6. @Matt:

    What do you mean “iPhones in nz yet”? If you want to pick one up from Vodafone on July 11th, it’ll be cheap but be prepared to pay a hefty price on the 2 year contract. I have a hacked one from the states. 🙂

  7. @Matt:

    What do you mean “iPhones in nz yet”? If you want to pick one up from Vodafone on July 11th, it’ll be cheap but be prepared to pay a hefty price on the 2 year contract. I have a hacked one from the states. 🙂

  8. Hi Can anyone recommend someone to unlock my iphone, tryed to do an update last night and the phone locked

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