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Delete this blog from your RSS aggregator.? If you’re one of my 230 subscribers, and you don’t find it interesting, useful, or amusing, delete it now.? How else are we going to improve the quality of the blogosphere?

I’m cleaning out my closet.? I’m removing a bunch of feeds from my aggregator that have just stopped being interesting? or fun, and feel like a chore to read.? ? ? I don’t expect anyone to care, but after reading recent commentary on the drop in traffic to A-list blogs, I though I’d do my bit to improve the performance of A-listers and other bloggers: by deleting their feeds.?

So, for the record:

Is there any method to my madness?? Yes.? Robert Scoble and Dave Winer go because their signal-to-noise ratio is too low.? Jason Calacanis stays, just barely, because I enjoy his take on things (mainly via Bad Sinatra), but sometimes the Mahalo noise makes me want to delete.? I might add Winer back after he gets off the Twittergram trip.? There’s the upside: we can improve the quality of the so called A-list by choosing when to subscribe.

The other deletions relate to repetitive news.? Engadget, Gizmodo and CrunchGear all cover the same news.? I prefer CrunchGear’s voice and selectiveness, and Gizmodo stays because of pure amusment value with the occasional laugh-out-loud post.? I prefer Kotaku’s style over Joystiq.

What a relief.? Checking my aggregator is going to be a hell of a lot more fun and less work tomorrow morning.

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  1. Scobble comes and goes… But Calacanis? Should be out. Nothing new unless it’s talking about Mahalo…

    Gizmodo is an overkill of posts and the language seems to be going down. Engadget is just an avalanche of things, some with idiotic comments…

  2. Yes, Calacanis is hanging by a thread, purely because of his insightful comments in the last Bad Sinatra. I’m hoping he’ll get off the Mahalo trip soon.

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