Velleman K8048 In Action

Madly enought it actually works. Soldering the thing together was fairly trivial, and if you know how to wave a soldering iron around you would have no problem. Initially I was concerned that it was broken because the programming software on my PC would not detect the device, but I traced that to a dodgey serial cable.

With the correct cable, programming the EEPROM was a breeze. Take a sample .ASM file, compile it to hex code, then send it down the cable into the programmer. Then you flick the switch from “Prog” to “Run”, and voila:

Pretty basic but cool. Imagine the possibilities when each of those input switches could be detectors or bump switches, and the LED outputs could be motor controllers or relays. Now, I just have to think of an application.

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  1. Can the k8048 be programmed by OS X? I haven’t seen anybody try it yet, maybe some one has but who knows. the only reason I can think that it wouldn’t work is because of the whole rs232 to usb doesn’t work. But I’ve heard people make it work by using different programs or LINUX emulators. Or Linux itself and it worked. I guess the programs don’t generally use same wires or connectors to push the signal down or something odd like that. So would you be able to make it work from an Apple based computer?

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