Perils of the Hydrogen Economy

I’m ashamed. When our New Zealand Police spotted a suspicious car in the sleepy suburb of Wairau Valley, they didn’t put the entire country on amber-and-teal-striped critial alert. Nor did they detonate the dodgey vehicle under the watchful eyes of circling TV news cameras. Whart kind of half-arsed backwater country is this?

Wait what? It wasn’t a car bomb you say? It just had a home built water-hydrogen conversion system in it? Bloody New Zealanders: more concerned about the environment than being fear-mongering, terrorised lap-dogs. What is this country coming to?!


NZ Police CommCens Alert 02:30 2-07-2007 Waitemata

Location of incident: Link Drive, Wairau Valley

Incident Type: Suspicious Car

Device was established to be an elaborate system that turned water into hydrogen.
Nothing sinister and all emergency services stood down.
Issured By: Inspector Matt Sillars


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