ESky Honey Bee King 2

20072007Look what the tooth fairy delivered today:

I’ve haven’t even written a proper review for the last one yet, but I’ve unfortunately been entirely bitten by the bug. This new helicopter is much more advanced than the Lama, with a belt-driven tail rotor, and full CCPM head control.

Truthfully I’ve battled with the Lama and its co-axial setup. It seems that no matter how hard I try, one motor is slightly more powerful than the other, so it’s always slowly rotating one way or t’other. I put it down to the cheap design, fixed pitch, and cheap electronics. In comparison, the Honeybee King 2 is about as technically complete as you can go in electric helicopters. You can go bigger and more expensive, but as far as the CCPM head and belt-driven tail, these things remain the same right up to the monster 4 stroke nitro helicopters.

Wish me luck. Hopefully the next post won’t be a picture of a helicopter in a thousand pieces.


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