Endless Ocean for Nintendo Wii

endlessocean071107 For some reason I’m madly excited about Endless Ocean (formerly known as Forever Blue), a scuba diving simulator for the Wii.

It looks very tranquil, and apparently will feature some sort of online component.? No word yet on whether this will be online co-op (swimming around with friends), or just sharing photos and aquaculture with friends.

Rumour also has it that the game includes an aquarium mode so you can capture pretty little fishies and display them.

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  1. I got the game for my B-Day from my uncle. It was fun at the beginning cos i was putting fishes in tanks and making friends with dolphins but now I have completed it only in about 3 weeks!!!
    Its not really my type of game…
    I am more of a Tom-boy
    but you never know you might like it why don’t you give it a shot?!

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