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PicooZWell, after poking around with planes and cars for ages, I dipped my toes in the water very gently with a silly little play helicopter – a cheesey clone of the popular micro Picoo-Z choppers. I wouldn’t call it a hot helicopter. This bad boy is actually pretty tepid, to the point that the little guy can quite happily fly it around the room (albeit with zero directional control), and cut the power when it hits anything. No damage so far.

With only 2 channels, the Picco-Z style chopper is restricted to up/down and left/right circles. It takes some doing to actually get the thing to fly where you want it.

E-sky LAMA V4 Co-Axial 4CH Electric RC Helicopter (RTF)So, the next step is a slightly larger, 4-channel coaxial chopper: The ESky Lama V4 (a newer version of the ESky Lama V3, which in looks like a copy of the Blade CX2). The coaxial setup means more stability, no teeny tail rotor motors to burn up, and generally more tame behaviour than a full-house 6 channel chopper.

With 4 receiver channels, the Lama can go up and down, spin on it’s axis (rudder turn), and move horizontally in any direction (cyclic control). It’s a fixed-pitch heli, so there’s no “3D” acrobatic moves like inverted hovering, but I think that’s a little beyond my skill range in any case.

In case you’re wondering why it’s called a Lama, the original models (version 1 thru 3) were modelled on the Aerospatiale Lama. I believe they’ve just updated the shell of the model to look more modern.

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  1. Thought you might be interested to know that just released a hobby-grade micro-heli named the Hornet 3. The heli is built using hobby-grade products meaning the flight time lasts longer and product is more durable over all. Let me know if you would be interested in seeing the hobby-grade difference.

  2. I recently Bought a LAMA V4 after having a PicooZ, I just Got it Yesterday and Today Had a Massive crash, The copter was intact, but the balance bar (STABILIZER) and the little joint that holds it were severed. So i got upset that i didn’t get the Blade CX2 that i could have gotten, but after searching found that they’re made in the same factory. And Found Out then that you could get Canopies, Airframe that look like the blade. So if your Deciding betweeen the 2 Just take the LAMA its cheaper and Nicer.

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