XP Wireless Connection Weirdness

Check out the image to the right.  Click on it for a full-sized version.  Am I connected or not?  I can tell you that I’m posting this right now with the ‘connection’ in that state.  So very strange.

I really don’t know how people can live with WiFi as their main connection type.  Usually I only use wireless from my laptop, Nintendo Wii and cellphone.  We’ve moved house recently, and until I can dig out my RJ45 crimp tool from one of the myriad boxes, drill a hole in the floor, and run some Cat6, I have to use wireless from the main PC.  The WiFi connection is just way too flakey to have it as my primary connection.  Anecdotal evidence from friends is the same: regular dropouts, trouble reconnecting, random availability.

The upside of the new house is that the crawl-space under the floor is massive.  It’s easy to stand up at one end of the house, and the other end is accessible with no more than a crouch.  None of this commando-crawling like we had to do at the last place.  Also, there are a couple of power points in a workshop under the house, so the current plan is to grab an old cupboard to use as a server/network housing, and stick the ADSL/router gear down there.

I’ve been accepted into the Windows Home Server beta program, so I might just have to build a server box to jam down there too =).  I love owning a house again.  In my book, home improvement isn’t a 3rd bathroom, it’s coding in the workshop with the network cupboard fans blowing warm air over my knuckles.

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