The post in which I confess

Godammit.  Jason Calacanis keeps fatblogging lately, and it’s just making me feel so guilty.  I’m sure most of you don’t give a damn, but humour me here for a second.

I am a fat bastard.

There.  Done.  Guts spilled, gauntlet thrown, challenge started.

The plan is to be less of a fat bastard by the end of this year.  Hopefully all 4 of my readers knowing this will provide some sort of minor motivation to actually do something about it.  Unsure what I’m going to do (low carb, exercise, etc), but I’ll do something.

If you are a voyeur, you can view my progress over here.

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  1. Pretty brave to put that out there, kudos to you. I saw the Calicanus post, and saw that Wil Harris ( is Joining in. I thought about it too, but I just don’t see weighing myself everyday, heck, I don’t see posting everyday either.

    You’ll have to say how you like traineo. Personally I’m a fan of the Men’s Health Abs diet (stupid name, but easy to follow and healthy). I know that if I stick to that I can lose weight without exercising, which of course I should do.

    The Diet is here:

    and the exercise plan is here:

    Anyway, good luck!

  2. You may be a big lad, but you are not a bastard 🙂

    Best of luck! I am going to try slow jogging this year so I can finally chase the kids without puffing. I’ll be with you in spirit…

  3. Top stuff man, do it!

    Personally I think there’s a fat bastard trapped inside each and every one of us trying to get out. I’m about 7kg overweight at the moment myself. Thanks largely to stress induced by a shitty work environment (with a snack box two steps away from my cubicle) and general borderline depression induced apathy.

    I’ve never actually actively stuck to anything fitness wise, but try and do stuff I enjoy (which is why Martial Arts are generally a good way to stay trim for me). There’s a mixed Tae Kwon Do class twice a week like a minute down the road from our house I’ve been meaning to check out since the start of this year. Not to mention I could (if I could ever get out of bed in the mornings) jog around Cornwall Park. I managed to motivate myself enough to do that a handful of times last year and it’s a lovely run early morning.

    That’s enough talking about it! I’ll go for a run tomorrow I swear!

  4. Can’t you just swing that wii-mote around a bit more? Normal exercise is just so boring.

    And does this mean I wont be seeing you at this weekend’s Beerfest?

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