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Joel Johnson, original editor of Gizmodo, has gone to town on gadgets, gadget bloggers, and gadget blog readers in this awesome rant.  I’ll quote one of the more salient and less profane paragraphs:


Stop buying this crap. Just stop it. You don’t need it. Wait a year until the reviews come out and the other suckers too addicted to having the very latest and greatest buy it, put up a review, and have moved on to something else. Stop buying broken products and then shrugging your shoulders when it doesn’t do what it is supposed to. Stop buying products that serve any other master than you. Use older stuff that works. Make it yourself. Only buy new stuff from companies that have proven themselves good servants of their customers in the past. Complaining online about this stuff helps, but really, just stop buying it.


Sitting here with my cutting-edge Nokia phone that keeps dropping its 3G data connection (which wont reconnect unless you reboot the phone), I can’t help but concur with his viewpoint.

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  1. Awesometastic! At first I was expecting to be reminded of a certain Newborn Christian Japanese teacher we had at high school whose favourite line was “I spent years bumming around in Tokyo smoking pot, just so I can now tell you it will ruin your life… don’t do it, kids!”. But on furthertastic investigation, I wholeheartedly concur! It’s exactly the reason that, even though I’m heading a digital company, I still have my Nokia 0.7G phone instead of a new N73i (the “i” stands for “argh, I just spent *how much* on something that steals 3 hours a day from my life while I try to understand how it works, and reboot it when it doesn’t?!”)(although I just cracked myslef up by looking for the model number and noticing the time: 13:37, snort snort…).

    Cue memory #2: sitting with the APAC Marketing Director for Motorola handsets while trying out their first 3G phone, and discussing the launch campaign:
    Him: “And here it is…” (passes it across the table)
    Me: “Cool… (60 second pause) …how do I turn it on?”
    Him: “Oh, sorry, like this” (turns it on)
    Me: “OK… (seriously, like 90 second pause now) …so, it’s still starting up?”
    Him: “er, yeah…”
    Me: “So it doesn’t actually work, and we’re supposed to advertise it as being great?”

    Come on, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola… give me a freaking product that you’ve TRIED YOURSELF and are HAPPY TO LEND TO YOUR WIFE.

  2. Ben, are your 3G issues because of your device? Or because Vodafone’s 3G network in New Zealand is a f*cking joke? Hard to say.

    I’ve spent the best part of 6 months at work trying to get a fancy mobile client running happily in 3G on a Blackberry device in a 13th floor office IN the Auckland’s CBD. You’d imagine the GPRS/3G reception is good yes?

    I’ve never seen any of my devices go above 1-2 bars (that’s a handful of various Blackberry devices, a Win Mob Treo and an iMate JasJar) and on a good day I can sustain TCP/IP over a 3G connection for around 12-15 seconds tops before it either flakes out, or gets negotiated down to GPRS, resulting in inevitable wierd freezes and drops in the device’s TCP/IP layer.

    And this is with a PHB that expects sub second latency on the mobile TCP/IP connection.

    Ah good times, good times.

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