Holidays and other inadequacies

[Insert amusing post-holiday apology for lack of blogging here.]

I tend to feel rather inadequate at this time of year.  With CES in full swing and MacWorld just hours away, small blogs wilt and disappear under the sheer power of two fully operational battle stations.

Still, I shall persevere.  I’ll make some random comment about the MacWorld stuff.  I won’t bother attempting to predict anything, because it will just reflect my desire for the perfect converged audio/phone device, rather than serve any analytical purpose.  Let it be said however, that the early comments about a iPhone sporting two separate batteries (one for music, one for phone), had me salivating.  A ‘converged device’ doesn’t have to be two ruined devices coexisting on the same silicone (hello Kyocera 7135!). A slightly thicker iPod with a GSM phone and some sort of electronic switching to change the ownership of the screen and headphone port would be perfect.

Interesting: if I salivate over a device that does not yet exist and cannot be measured, is it some weird Schrödinger/Pavlov conundrum?  “Schrödinger’s Dog” perhaps?

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