I’m sorry if no one else finds this interesting, but I think it’s hilarious. There is a catgfight going on between top-dog gadget site Engadget and super-A-lister Robert Scoble.

As far as I can make out, it went down like this:

  1. Scoble does a lot of work and doesn’t get a link (welcome to the non-A-list real world Robert!)
  2. Scoble cries about it and makes a post saying “no gadget blog links to anything I do” (HUGE overreaction)
  3. Peter Rojas gets (justifiably) upset and says so in Robert’s comments. Calling Scoble a spammer was possibly harsh, but as Ryan points out, Robert later admitted to it.
  4. Sides are taken, comments are made, ad infinitum.
  5. Scoble stirs the pot some more with a totally stupid followup claiming further link-paucity. I could put the other post down as a mistake, but the latest post is suicide.

Pretty funny really.

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