Parallels Makes Me want a Mac More

Wow.  Ever since the Intel announcement, I’ve been thinking about getting a Mac as my next computer, but I do all my development work on PC. This screencast of Parellels running on a Mac just makes me salivate.

Parallels is virtualisation software that lets you run PC apps seamlessly on a Mac.  I believe it actually runs up a virtual PC in the background and renders the resulting windows onto the Mac desktop.  Very nice.

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  1. I’m totally a Mac person, obliged to use Windows Internet Explorer for about 10 or 15 hours per week. In olden times I used Virtual PC, but now use Parallels.

    Where VPC was deathly slow and my Mac was at daily risk of being hurled through a window while I waited for Windows to redraw the screen, Parallels is just like using my Mac. It’s extremely fast and responsive.

    The latest beta brings the ability to have each Windows app in its own window, rather than all tied into one Windows window so now I can resize windows to suit myself and switch around between my Windows text editor and my Mac text editor, Win IE and my Mac browser etc very easily.

    Parallels has transformed that part of my working life!

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