Google Reader and Adsense Notifier

Damn.  I’m loving Google Reader.  As a long time Bloglines user I’m quite happy with the new version of Google Reader.  I’m finding the ‘river of news’ style presentation is letting me see a lot more stuff that I’d usually just skim over or mark as read when I didn’t have time.

Why damn?  One wee problem with a Firefox plugin.  I run Adsense Notifier in my Firefox status bar, and my Adsense account is different to my Reader account.  So whenever I go to Reader it has logged me in with my Adsense account, and I have to log out and back in again with the correct account.

Removing the Adsense Notifier plugin fixed the issue, but I’d love to keep running it!  GMail copes fine, keeping logged in with the correct account, so I can’t see why Reader won’t do it?

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