Google Ads on News Rivers?

Wow I feel so important. Dave Winer deleted my comment from this post. In the post he chats about how he is running Google Ads on his News River mobile mashups (like the NYTimes and BBC rivers, which appear empty to me), where he effectively takes others’ content and reformats it for his Blackberry or other similar device.

I made a comment along the lines that running your own ads on someone else’s content is pretty unethical, and not dissimilar to the spam blogs that scrape RSS and republish it with ads.

He has deleted my comment, which to my mind means either:

  • He is embarassed about running the ads, OR
  • He believes my post is spurious because he has a good reason to run the ads.

Either way, I’d love an explanation because it puzzles me how this can possibly be ethical, or possibly legal.


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